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ecclesia verus-
The real, true, or proper church.

this community exists to spread alternative knowledge of the bible. i will personally post weekly in order to keep the community active. although it is a judeo-christian, faith based community, i do not discriminate against anyone based on religion. no matter what religion you claim, you are welcome here. if you merely wish to lurk and explore, or if you have some kind of unanswered question about christianity... feel free to join the community and do as you wish. i will make a small request, that you fill out the small introduction post that i've made just so we can get an idea of who you are. if you would rather stay anonymous that's fine as well, the intro post seems to be a sort of ice-breaker in most communities so i thought it be nice to have one here as well. anything goes here, but if you're an anti-christian fanatic and have come to harass the community then i will promptly delete your entry. however, if you've come to seek out knowledge and learn more about the christian faith, and if you come with an open heart, then you will not but judged. ask as many questions as you like.

also, all topics of discussion and posts (with the exception of introduction posts) have been added to the community memories for your convenience.

introduction post.

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if you're looking for a friendly or more laid-back christian community where you can talk about faith-based experiences and make prayer requests then i recommend _hearts_on_fire.